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Food Service

One of the highlights, and most admired parts of your trip are the meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be freshly prepared for you at Expedition Lodge. Let’s face it, as anglers we can only control so much when it comes to catching fish. We can’t adjust the quality of the weather or the water, but we can control the quality of the food.  Meals are served on site, and are locally created and designed for a true Montana experience.

  • Breakfast is served around 7:30 am with fresh coffee, juice, and tea

  • Our signature shore lunch is served riverside during your time on the water

  • Dinners are normally served fireside around 7:30 pm


When you arrive, our cooks will go over the proposed menu for your stay, making sure we stay away from certain food allergies, and whet you appetite for the coming days.  

Offerings Include:
  • Wild game (elk, antelope, bison)

  • Local beef and pork

  • Chicken

  • Fish (salmon, trout)

  • Local eggs

  • Bakery fresh bread and rolls

  • Fresh made desserts

Our cooks and servers are good at what they do. Maybe too good as most customers tell us they need to go on a diet when they get home. But hey, you’re on vacation right? 


Come hungry, because there is no shortage of food.

Signature Riverside Shore Lunch

A less than stellar lunch experience all the way back in 2010 (think cold soggy carbs on a rainy day) with some unfortunate guests, led us to completely rethink our lunch program. We can’t control the weather or the appetite of the trout we pursue, but we can control what’s placed on your plate ensuring a tough day fishing isn’t made worse by a bad lunch. We began cooking hot shore lunches riverside in the fall of 2010, and have continued to improve our product ever since.


The lunches took a giant leap last season with the help of a current guest and friend, as we developed a way to transport hot lunches to the river with greater variety and ease. No longer will be eating soggy carb heavy meals on rainy days. If the weather looks to be on the cool side, you can rest assure your lunch will be on the hot side. If we are staring at 90 degree temps, a freshly prepared salad and crisp fruit will be waiting in the cooler. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to deliver on our promise, that our Signature Riverside Shore Lunches are sure to satisfy on any occasion.

Offerings Include:
  • Sarah’s Seasoned Philly Cheesesteak

  • Locally smoked BBQ pulled pork

  • New Orleans Po’boy

  • Tim’s curry chicken salad

  • Buffalo chili

  • Thick-cut turkey cranberry salad

  • BBQ brisket on housemade ciabatta

  • Home baked cookies and desserts

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