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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Because we are providing your fishing gear, you’ll only need to bring the following: Clothes for the days fishing (long sleeve shirt, light pants), shoes for the river (Chaco Sandals, or other water shoe. No crocks), rain jacket, shorts, hat, sunglasses, evening clothing, bathroom necessities, and a good attitude.

What about Bears and Snakes?

While bears and snakes to occupy the wilds of Montana, the likelihood of seeing them on the water is very low. Black bears inhabit our area but are rarely seen on the water, and grizzly bears live in high mountain ecosystems where our boats and feet do not travel. As for snakes, the prairie rattlesnake is the only venomous snake in our area, and is not an aggressor. They tend to play defense, and will leave you alone if you don’t poke the bear…we mean the snake.

What time do we start fishing in the morning?

Here’s the good news, trout don’t like getting up on vacation either. Breakfast is normally served around 7:30am, and we leave the Lodge to head to the river around 8:30am.

How long do we fish?

Our days on the water normally run from around 9am to 4pm giving you plenty of fishing time, and also ample time to relax in the evening at the lodge.

What about tips?

Gratuity amount is at your discretion. Guide and staff typically receive gratuity at the end of the trip. If you have questions on the amount, Justin will be happy to assist you in coming to a decision.

How do I get to your lodge?

Two ways. The first way is for you to rent a car and drive from the airpot to the lodge on your own. The second way is for you to arrange airport shuttle transportation with Tight Line Adventures. With the second option, we pick you up upon arrival, and drop you back off the morning of your departure.

What’s the address to Expedition Lodge?

The lodge address is 1120 Eliason Lane, Dillon, MT 59275

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, both the Lodge and Gatehouse are equipped with WiFi. We also have a printer and small business center just incase you need to do a touch of work while you’re on vacation.

What if I’ve never fished/fly fished before?

No problem. The beauty of our area is that we have ample opportunities and options for anglers of all skill levels.  Our guides are very patient and skilled teachers. Depending on how you pick up the new technique, it may take a half a day to get things figured out. By the afternoon of day two, you’ll be very efficient with your technique. If you’re with us for more than 2 days, look out fish, as you’ll be able to fish with the best of them.

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