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The 2019 Montana Hunting + Fishing license year ends on February 29th, and the new license year will begin March 1, 2020.  Both hunters and anglers will notice a few immediate changes for the coming year. At the start of the new year, hunters and anglers can buy your 2020 hunting and fishing licenses online, as well as begin applying for permit and special licenses. If you’ve booked your Complete Fly Fishing Expedition Experience with us for the 2020 Season, we will contacting you shortly to gather the necessary information to purchase the license for you on your behalf.

Changes for the 2020 season:

  1. If you are a hunter, you can apply for all of their permits and special licenses at the same time online or at an FWP office. No mail-in applications will be accepted.

  2. No more yellow licenses. All licenses and permits have changed to regular paper. You will now print these off from your home, or be given a copy upon your arrival to Expedition Lodge. Note: If Tight Line Adventures is handling your license acquisition, we will print a copy for you to sign upon arrival, and will also email a copy for your records.

  3. Make plans to either carry your newly printed paper license in a waterproof bag, or have a signed copy available on your phone/tablet for proof of purchase.

If you have any questions regarding licenses, trips, or common questions that come up during the licensing process please reach out to us or to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks office.

Snow pack is around 119% of normal moisture equivalent for our area, and we are excitedly looking forward to the 2020 season.

Fish on,

The Tight Line Team

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  • Justin

Earlier this week when it became apparent that folks would not be leaving their homes for a bit we wanted to find a way to bring some fishing fun to our guests and friends while simultaneously supporting our TLA guides and seasonal employees that are out of work right now. Our Montana fishing season runs from April through October but with the current COVID-19 restrictions many spring trips had to be cancelled, shortening an already quick season.

The uncertainty will pass and we will be back together soon, but in the meantime we all need to be reminded not to lose hope! We teamed up with super talented artist and fisherman, Nate Karnes of Remedy Provisions and Sunday Cool Tees to bring you our 2020 Special Edition Social Fishtancing Tshirt.  Available for $20 (plus shipping) HERE for two weeks only. All proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go directly to our TLA crew! Be aware that the shirts will ship at the end of the two week period.

Thanks for your continued support of Tight Line Adventures and Expedition Lodge. We are excited and hopeful for the year ahead!

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