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Big Hole River

Known as the “Last Best River,” the Big Hole is the quintessential freestone trout stream. Spanning 153 miles from it’s headwaters at Skinner Lake in the Beaverhead Mountains, to its merger with the Beaverhead River outside of Twin Bridges, Montana, the Big Hole provides the angler with breathtaking scenery and feisty fish.

  • Prolific hatches of Stoneflies, Mayflies, Caddis, and Beatis

  • Boulder pocket water to Deep Riffles to Dry Fly Slicks

  • Chance at hitting a super slam: Brown, Rainbow, Brook, Cutthroat and Grayling

  • Over 3,000 fish per mile

  • Totally different river each time you fish

  • A river that will test all of your angling abilities

  • Possibly the best dry fly river in the Western United States


"Close your eyes and picture a Montana River.

You just visualized the Big Hole River."

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