Louisiana / Florida – Fly Waters Expeditions

Fly Water Cover Photo

Louisiana / Florida

Company: Fly Water Expeditions

Redfish Season: October – February

Tarpon Season: May – August

Trip Dates October – February

Available Positions: 6-14

Targeted Fish Species: Redfish & Black Drum or Tarpon


Come enjoy the best Redfish fishery in the world, with TLA and Fly Water Expeditions. Search the flats of Louisiana, from the Biloxi Marsh all the way to Venice, for giant Reds on the fly. These beautiful beasts can exceed fifty pounds and offer explosive takes and violent battles, both in intermediate and top water.
You will find success and solitude with Captain Greg Dini and his hard working crew, as they explore the beautiful marshlands of New Orleans and her infinite selection of flats, inlets and bites.

Redfish TailIn the Summer months you can meet the Fly Water crew in Florida for trophy migratory Tarpon. Sight fishing for these armor-plated giants will get your blood pumping, as you cast to 100+ pounds of chrome fury. The 2-4 foot deep, gin-clear waters along the coast puts you smack-dab in the middle of this migratory Tarpon highway. Come experience the most exciting game fish Florida has to offer. Tight Line Adventures and Fly Water Expeditions are ready to help connect with your trophy!

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Photos courtesy of Fly Waters Expeditions