Brazil – Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

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Company: Agua Boa Amazon Lodge


Season: October – April

Available Positions: 5-11

Targeted Fish Species: Butterfly, Spotted and Temensis Peacock Bass, as well as Arowana, and Pacu.


If you are looking to test your skills against THE TOUGHEST freshwater fish in the world, then you have found the right place. In the Amazon, it’s a fish-eat-fish world and the Peacock Bass is at the top of the food chain! Experience streamer-fishing like you never have before. These fish will flat out scare you with their explosive takes and powerful runs.

2016-03-20 08.58.59The Agua Boa is the only designated “exclusively fly-fishing” river in the Amazon basin, and the benefits from this are clear. With endless miles of pristine habitat, optimal structure and zero commercial pressure, the Agua Boa offers the best Peacock Bass fishing you’ll ever experience.

Located 200 miles North of Manaus, Brazil, A.B. Amazon Lodge is nestled in the heart of the Amazon Basin, right on the banks of the Agua Boa River (Portuguese “Good Water”). Each morning the guides gather with the guests to discuss the game plan and pick a “beat” of river to fish. Rotating every day, so that the clients can experience a new stretch each day of their trip.

You’ll spend your day fishing poppers and streamers for 2-8lbs Butterfly Peacocks, while filling the gaps with monstrous Spotted and Temensis Peacocks, which can reach up to 25lbs! These fish are some of the most aggressive game fish on the planet and wander in schools of up to 40 fish and feed together, working bait like Bluefish.


In the evenings, take advantage of the excellent wade fishing on the sandbars right in front of the lodge. Many dry fly patterns that we use here in the states will work to entice some of the smaller species that patrol the area for the evening hatches. Or, if you are spent from your day of battle, unwind with a cocktail from the bar and share the days tales with your comrades in the common room!

The Agua Boa offers a chance to experience nature in its purest and most unadulterated form, while still providing the safety and comforts of home. Book your wildest fishing adventure ever!

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Photos courtesy of Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and Tight Line Adventures.