Skinny water and Big Fish!

The Big Hole River is fishing well and the Beaverhead is right on track as well.  The “Beav”

On the Beaverhead we have big fish showing just how hungry they are!  The outflow continues to pump around 700cfs day to day and it has the bugs really going.  Nymphing has been a solid option with the evening dry fly hatches disappointing nobody .  Yellow Sallies, and PMD”S are the ticket on top during the evening hours.  Keep in mind while Nymphing different bugs work this time of year so keep them small and creative!  Come in the shop and we will show you the way.

The dry fly fishing on the Big Hole has been awesome with hatches of spruce moths and Trico’s literally blanketing the water!  The Trico’s have been great in the morning and the the fish keep biting throughout the day with a silver or gold lightning bug or an olive Phsyco May.  Streamers in the Morning haven’t hurt and the flying ants are showing up in areas and have fish lookin up as well.

Keep Those Lines Tight Everybody!




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